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Scalable Container Infrastructures,
 Edition 2019

Oliver Liebel  

Release Date: May 2019 

More than 1,700 Pages

Publisher: Amazon KDP, ISBN  978-3000618864

Bestseller #1   (German predecessors)

The IT press' reviews on the predecessor:

- IT Administrator: »Containers want to be used purposefully. According to this approach, Liebel leads you through the 1000-page book. «

 - iX - Magazine for Professional Information Technology: »An ideal companion for those who want to dive deeper into the structure of containers.«

 - »A very comprehensive standard reference work for the IT staff involved in the establishment and operation of container clusters. As far as I can see this book also has no equivalent on the English book market. «

Scalable Container Infrastructures Edition 2019

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Scalable Container Infrastructures for your Business

- From Microservices to Container Clusters
- Container Engines and Image build: Docker, CRI-O, cri-containerd, Buildah, Podman and Skopeo
- Professional, Enterprise-grade Orchestration of Kubernetes and OpenShift Clusters
- SDS Backends, Dynamic Provisioning, Monitoring, Metrics, Autoscaling, Security and much more

About the book:

The Compendium on Container Clusters

The translated German standard reference - completely revised, again expanded and updated, 2019 edition, based on its most valued German predecessors from 2017 and 2018.

Highly scalable and fail-safe container environments are the foundation of a modern, forward-looking IT-Environment. Numerous new products and container technologies will promise you an easier and more efficient management of your IT-Infrastructure. Sadly, that's often only half of the truth.

This comprehensive, proven manual separates hype from reality. It will show which tasks container clusters may solve and which not, which problems may arise, and what you really need to optimize your IT-Landscape. It provides in-depth know-how and best-practices on container engines such as Docker, CRI-O or cri-containerd as well as orchestration tools like Kubernetes and OpenShift.

With his profound knowledge, Oliver Liebel guides you through all key topics and offers proven and tested concepts, taking a critical look at technologies, tools and procedures.

His hands-on guidance will help you to comprehensively understand and manage Kubernetes based container clusters, to ensure that your IT landscape can cope with future requirements regarding scalability, flexibility, high availability and planning reliability.

Extracts from Content:

- Why Containers? Hype vs. Reality, Fields of Application, Planning Strategies
- Container and Image Management: Docker, Podman, Buildah, Skopeo
- Container Engines: Docker, CRI-O, cri-containerd
- Atomic/CoreOS, SUSE CaaSP: Small Worker Node Platforms for Container Clusters
- Key/Value stores, Multi-purpose Registries
- Planning, Installation and Advanced Orchestration of highly available Kubernetes and OpenShift Clusters
- Metrics Capturing, EFK Stacks, Monitoring, Autoscaling
- Cluster Services and Routing: Service Proxies, Ingress, Routing
- Service Meshes with Istio
- Intelligent Cluster Resources: The Operator Framework
- Integration of Central Authentication/IDM Solutions, RBAC and more
- Security for Container Clusters: Image Scanning, Behavior Analysis, Network Policies, Trusted Images and Registries
- Storage Cluster Backends, SDS, StorageClasses and Auto-Provisioner, Containerized Ceph

This book provides:

- Best practices regarding Design, Setup, Administration and Troubleshooting
- Over 1,700 pages of concentrated knowledge
- Extensive Diagrams, Pictures and Screenshots
- Extensive command-line codes
- Information boxes with valuable insights
- Sample files for download
- Where to find further information and links

About the author:

Oliver Liebel, LPI-certified Linux Enterprise expert, graduated engineer (university of applied sciences) and official partner of Red Hat, SUSE and Docker Inc., has been a lecturer, author, consultant, system architect and project manager for many years. He works for well-known companies, international corporations as well as for national and federal institutions.

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